​Meredith and Claire McNair, sisters who make up the musical duo “Flyte Three”, were born into a musical family in Dayton, Texas. Their dad Craig and mother Lisa McNair instilled in them a love of music, and they grew up listening to an eclectic style from a diverse group of musicians whom their dad introduced them to, including Gordon Lightfoot, Jackson Browne, Michelle Branch, and Reba, artists who they cite as having most notably influenced them.  Those sounds, mixed with their own personal style, allowed them to bring a smooth, easy listening, but edgy contemporary country sound to music lovers.

At the age of 12, prompted by their dad, an avid guitar player, Meredith and Claire began taking guitar lessons, and quickly realized that they shared his love of playing guitar and singing. Within the year, they each began to write separately, and the music and lyrics began to flow.

In early 2010, Meredith began talking to her parents about moving to Nashville to pursue a career in music. At that time, dad Craig was involved in a political campaign for County Judge in Liberty County, Texas, and Meredith was told by the family that they had to finish the campaign before any decisions could be made. After a long campaign, on November 2, Craig McNair won the election. Not wasting any time, Meredith told her parents that night, “Dad, you said when you won we could move to Nashville!” Craig and Lisa McNair recognized that their 16 year old daughter was serious indeed!

After much discussion, the family planned a long weekend over Thanksgiving and drove to Nashville. That weekend the family rented a small home. The adventure had begun!

In February of 2011 Meredith began writing with Dean Sams, keyboard player of the band Lonestar. After months of writing, recording, and refining, Meredith and Dean had produced Meredith’s 3-song demo CD.  Several months later, on the advice of  Mike Dungan, Meredith and Claire decided to focus on their collaboration in writing; Meredith continued to play the guitar and Claire picked up the Mandolin. The two instruments together, mixed with their rich harmonies brought a sound that was uniquely their own. What had begun as Meredith’s female solo music quickly took off as the sister country music duo known as Flyte Three.

Flyte Three has played venues around Nashville, including Ri’chard’s Café, The Listening Room, The Café Fontenella, The Fillin’Station, and Opry Mills Mall.  Flyte Three performed on the Main Stage in Clarksville for their Rivers & Spires Festival. They have also aired on Nashville’s Channel 4 More at Midday segment. They were asked and honored to perform at the Porter Wagoner Pond Dedication in front of the Wagoner family and friends, where they performed a Porter and Dolly favorite, “Just Someone I Used To Know”. Most recently, they had the opportunity to perform on the Hard Rock Acoustic Stage during CMA Fest. Immediately after their 15-minute performance, they were asked to perform twice on The Barline Stage at the Omni Hotel over the next two days. After every performance they still believe this is what they were born to do.

Meredith and Claire are also proud to be volunteers for Musicians On Call. They volunteer mostly at the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, where they go room to room and perform songs for the patients.

Dad Craig sent a 6 song CD of Flyte Three to his longtime friend Gordon Lightfoot, who spent time listening to it. Meredith and Claire had the privilege of visiting with Mr. Lightfoot after one of his concerts. He told them, “You have no choice in the matter, this is what you were meant to do!”.  Flyte Three couldn’t agree more.

​Flyte Three