Being born into a musical family from Dayton, Texas instilled flair unseen by most sisters. As for Flyte Three, made up of Meredith and Claire McNair, their dad played a vital role in their career today by introducing them to a diverse taste of music. 
Each of the young ladies grew up listening to an eclectic style of music, citing Gordon Lightfoot, John Prine, Sheryl Crow, and Reba as their most notable influences. These artists, mixed with their personal style, allowed them to bring a smooth, easy listening, but edgy contemporary country sound to music lovers.
After discovering their talents of guitar playing and song writing, Meredith and Claire moved to Nashville to pursue solo careers. A decision came months later to share their music as a duo proving that two different styles were unable to break the harmonic bond between two sisters. Propelling their music in a new direction, Flyte Three was born.
“We were writing our songs with our own personalities, but when we write together it’s three times as good,” explains Meredith. “While it consumes our life, we love music and we want to take this journey together, sharing it with everyone.” 
Meredith’s upbeat, joyful, and heartfelt personality mixed with Claire’s edgy, soulful voice, forms Flyte Three’s harmony-rich sound while still allowing them to express their individuality and style.